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Ddynamic_reconfigure_python not available


Even tho the package ddynamic_reconfigure_python wiki, repo, gbp repo was released previously (I could install thru sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-ddynamic-reconfigure-python) now it’s not available anymore.

I don’t know how to check why this is happening. I’d also love to make sure the package is released for the next versions (kinetic at least).

Can anybody help me please?

This is rather interesting: ddynamic_reconfigure_python was added to ros/rosdistro/indigo/distribution.yaml in ros/rosdistro#12789, but searching for ddynamic in distribution.yaml (@d5f08ad5) does not return anything any more. git log | grep ddynamic for ros/rosdistro also only shows the PR by Jordi Pages that adds it.

All Jenkins Jobs links and build badges also 404 and status_page/ros_indigo_default.html?q=reconfigure shows 4 packages, but ddynamic_reconfigure_python is not one of them.

Found it: removed again in ros/rosdistro#12800 by Jordi Pages: “remove pal packages which are unstable” (22 Sep 2016).

Apparently it was removed in the sync of November 2016, as a consequence of this PR.
And it doesn’t look like it has ever been released in kinetic.

Thank you for the help guys!

I’m asking for recovering permission on the main repo and the gbp repo to re-release it.

Hi, thanks for the heads up.

I’ve requested the release for indigo and kinetic:

And they’ve been accepted, I’ll do lunar and the rest next week.

It’s released! Wohoo!

Thank you @v-lopez