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Earlier this week the three servers backing became out of sync, causing various failures during install and rosdep update.

For example, the version of ros-indigo-moveit-fake-controller-manager is reported as 0.7.8-0trusty-20170313-131724-0700 by two of the servers and as 0.7.8-0trusty-20170328-004136-0700 by the third, as shown by

Making matters worse, the deb file for version 0.7.8-0trusty-20170313-131724-0700 no longer exists on the third server,
And so the download will fail if you get recommended that version by one of the other servers.

I have confirmed this for the above package and noticed the same behaviour for several other packages. I have not checked if the issue applies to other platforms or distributions.

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Thanks for pointing it out. It appears that the mirrors didn’t all get the last upload. I’ve retriggered the mirror sync and all the mirrors are reporting up to date now. If anyone else sees this issue please reply here.

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