Debian Stretch + armhf

Is there any timeline regarding when ROS packages would land for armhf (Debian Stretch)?

After following the usual steps on Debian 9.4 (ARMv7), I’m only getting ros-desktop and related packages instead of ros-<version>-desktop. The installation pages for Kinetic, Lunar and Melodic also show no love for armhf.

Thanks in advance

There are no plans to support armhf binary builds on debian stretch for kinetic, lunar, or melodic.

We are only targeting one platform per distro for armhf builds and we’ve picked our most popular platforms the Ubuntu LTS releases (xenial or bionic for the above rosdistros)

For reference there have been a few related threads. This one appears to be the most relevant.

I was also trying to install ROS Melodic on the Raspberrry pi 3.
Added the stretch main distribution to the sources list, however it seems that it’s unable to find the package.
I’ve also checked the repository, and seems that under the
link there is an armhf repository.
So is the Pi3 supported in the end ?