ROS Resources: Documentation | Support | Discussion Forum | Service Status | Q&A is being retired

As part of an ongoing effort to centralize the ROS 2 documentation, we are going to retire the site . The content that is hosted there will be (some already has been) moved to .

Early next week we’ll switch the DNS entry that points to to point to another host. Redirects have been setup so that any bookmarks or links to should continue to work. There will be a bit of downtime on when we do the switch, but it should be less than 24 hours.

I’ll update this thread once the DNS switch happens. If you notice any problems accessing (or after the switch, please reply to this thread and we will look into it.


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I am so excited.

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OK, the initial move has been done. Any of the top-level content that used to be hosted on is now hosted on, and redirects should happen automatically. We are still hosting the older API documentation on for now, but that will also eventually be moved.

If you see any trouble with, please respond to this thread and we’ll look into it.

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For a better user experience, shouldn’t we put an index page at the root of directing users to the various content? Right now it just empties to a single folder called “en”

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Yes, absolutely. It’s on my TODO list before we go live with the transition of over to (which is the next step in the plan). I have to figure out how that page should look since serves both ROS 1 and ROS 2 now.

It’s actually quite convenient to be able to browse the different directories on that host.

Could that access perhaps be kept possible?

Given the disagreement about whether we should have a front page or not, I’ve left things as-is for the moment. I will leave an open issue at GitHub - ros2/ros2_documentation: ROS 2 docs repository about whether to have a front page, and what that should look like.