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Migration of content into `/en` prefix

As part of our ongoing efforts to upgrade the documentation on we are going to be migrating all existing content on to use the en prefix to indicate that the content is English language and leave space for potential future internationalization efforts.

There are a number of directories on they will all be moved to the /en prefix and http redirects will be setup to provide backwards compatibility for all urls from those directories.

The work is planned for late morning in California. There is not expected to be any significant outage between moving the directories and enabling the redirects.

After the changeover we will be reconfiguring all of the documentation jobs to use the new urls. This process will take a several hours and in the mean time symlinks will be maintained to ensure continuity.

And we are also going to be updating the services that we’ve identified as directly accessing the content including

If you find any other resources which need updating please let us know here and we’ll make sure to resolve it.


I’m really bad with timezones. Would that already be finished by now (ros-infrastructure/ros_buildfarm_config#184 suggests it’s done)?

Asking because currently all links to return a 404. There doesn’t appear to be a directory/symlink api in

There is one at, but that also 404s.

There is a Is wrong?

Yeah, the migration was completed. We missed the /en/api symlink at the target for the redirect from /api. I’ve added it now.

One other side note is that in the migration we noticed that the latest links were all out of date and were moved to Noetic from Melodic.

Just ran into something which could be related to this migration.

The Code API link on the wiki/rospy package for Noetic links to this. This doesn’t actually open the API pages (like it does for Melodic and older), but shows a directory index page with two files (which appear to be related to the Msg API instead).

This is a separate preexisting issue that epydoc is not available for Python 3: