Download stats of all packages?

Hi, I’m interested whether there is a way to get APT repo download stats of all packages, not just the few top packages mentioned on I know this has been discussed before (Data on most popular ROS packages), but with no resolution. @DLu managed to put together the full report once, so I wonder if it’s possible to reproduce it on newer data. I know there are several mirrors out of control of Open Robotics, but even stats from the main APT repo would be interesting.

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I’m not sure whether e.g. crawling data like Statistics for (2022-02) - urldetail would lead to the correct numbers. I’d expect that when a package is updated, there should be at least as many downloads as there are mirrors, but I found packages where this doesn’t hold, so I’m confused about what these numbers mean…

The full report was a result of crawling and parsing the OSU data. It’s by no means a perfect measure of overall usage, but I believe it to be an accurate measurement of downloads.

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Great, thanks! I’ve run the analysis for ROS1 packages now, and here are the results: Number of total *.deb package downloads of all released ROS 1 packages (Melodic + Noetic) · GitHub .

Please note this metric tends to give advantage to packages with more built versions, as each download of any version of the package counts.

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Interesting that the “deprecated” tf package has the second highest number of downloads :smile:.

My guess - tf.transformations. That’s just the easiest reachable library for working with quaternions in Python. My second guess - people often do not check package.xml for removals of dependencies…

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