ROS Metrics Report extension

I was wondering if there would be any way to get the download metrics for ROS packages not in the top 40. It’d be really interesting to me to see how my package is affecting the community. It might also be useful to include that on the wiki page for the package, it might be another signal of maturity/usefulness.


It seems like something @wdsmart and the fine folks at OSU’s Open Source Lab (the hosts for would have. Maybe they can dump their statistics to some public dir for the rest of us to crawl.

This is definitely something that we’ve looked at collecting and displaying in the wiki template. Increasing visibility of that metrics would certainly be useful.

However the steps for collecting the server logs and processing them is quite manual still and is has several layers of infrastructure to cross to be able to get to the wiki. The stats are being aggregated in batches from different mirrors etc. It definitely could be automated but would be non-trivial to implement and maintain.

There are download metrics visible here: for example the top urls from this month so far can be found here:

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This might be something that we could include in the metrics that we’re discussing in the Quality Workgroup sessions over at Quality Assurance.

At least for the awstats hosted / generated by osuosl it could be doable to write a parser (if one doesn’t exist already) for the pages with the stats (awstats can be configured to generate xhtml, which would make parsing perhaps easier, if access to the ‘raw’ awstats data is possible, that can be parsed as well). That could be run periodically by the buildfarm, converted to yaml (or some other format) and dumped in a suitable place.