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Enabling the ABI checker for your next ROS2 F releases

Hi all,
as we’re approaching the ROS 2 F release date, I wanted to highlight a feature in Bloom that we didn’t advertise and you should probably be using!

It is now possible to enable automatic ABI checks on Bloom release branches.

Every time you open a PR on a release branch, the ROS buildfarm can generate a report indicating whether or not this PR would break ABI.

As a reminder, stable packages should keep a stable ABI throughout any ROS distribution (can break ABI between E and F, but not between F patch releases).

Getting the report for your Bloom release packages is as simple as switching a flag to true in rosdistro!

The documentation is in the REP 153:

Some examples of packages already having the ABI checker enabled:

Thank you!

edit: this work was done by @jrivero - thanks Jose!