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Releasing a package for ROS2


I’m having a hard time releasing a package for ROS2 with bloom-release:

Bloom did set an incorrect tag on the release repository. The tag it set was
but the build server tried to clone this tag:

So I manually set the tag above on the release repository. Now the build server is failing because it can’t find the file
Because the changelog file is in the top level directory and named CHANGELOG.rst

Is there any documentation on how to release for ROS2? The only documentation I found said that one should follow the instructions from ROS1, which I did.

The basic tutorial should just work. There should be no need for you to adjust the branch.

Do you have your own build farm or are you using the ROS build farm? If the latter can you link to the pull request bloom opened?

The changelog file it cannot find is specific to Debian and is generated from the CHANGELOG.rst file, so that’s not really the right issue to focus on I think.

Missing the debian branches usually means that your debian generators didn’t run. The release tag doesn’t contain the expected debian artifacts. That’s why they’re different tags.

For reference this was released here

Please rerun bloom and show the full console output in an question to get help. You’re most likely missing a rosdep dependency and told bloom to continue without the debian generators which is why they are missing. Also please like to this thread and your pull request for reference in that question too.

Thanks, I’ll try that