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Fast DDS v2.2.0 throughput performance

Hello ROS community!

I am happy to present to you our complete performance tests of Fast DDS v2.2.0! Some days ago I posted the first part of our testing results, discussing latency performance. Today I would like to give you an insight into our stunning throughput results.

Important to mention is that we tested only in the synchronous publication mode. For more information on that and asynchronous publication, visit this article.

Intra-process Delivery

Fast DDS v2.2.0 - v2.1.0 comparison (up to 65 kB data)

Inter-process Shared Memory

Fast DDS v2.2.0 - v2.1.0 comparison (up to 65kB data)

UDP Transport

Fast DDS v2.2.0 - v2.1.0 comparison (up to 65 kB data) udp

In conclusion, we can see that Fast DDS 2.2.0 has improved its performance considerably, being capable of maintaining the throughput stable, no matter the data sample size. The fact is that the throughput could be avoided by eliminating unnecessary data copies from buffer to buffer.