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Final Lunar sync

Lunar Maintainers,

Currently Lunar has no regressions and 68 packages ready to sync. I’ll plan to hold all releases starting today, and merge early next week.

This is the very last sync for Lunar; after this, no more package updates to Lunar will be merged, and the Lunar jobs on the buildfarm will be disabled and removed. If there is any reason to hold off on this release, please reply here.

The final sync is out

Since this is the final sync, will you push it to the snapshot repository?
Actually, no lunar snapshops (apart from the rekeyed ones) are available…

Pushing final snapshots is still a manual process. I have a handful that need to be done and I’m going to try and get them done before the US holiday next week (2019-07-04).

Regular sync snapshots are only being provided for ROS 2 releases and ROS LTS releases.

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Lunar’s final sync for Ubuntu Xenial and Debian Stretch has been added to the Snapshot repository.

Thanks Steven! Appreciated.

Due to a clerical error when creating this snapshot, I used the old repository archive and not the actual latest sync of Lunar when creating the snapshot. On top of that, the corrected snapshot isn’t deployable because of conflicts between orig.tar.gz files from the older distributions (yakkety and zesty) and the currently built ones. While I work out how best to resolve the issue I have yanked the lunar snapshots as they’re out-of-date compared to what is currently on I’d suggest using the repositories for Lunar until I update here again.

The corrected final Lunar sync has been deployed to the snapshots repository.