IMPORTANT: Final ROS & Gazebo Answers Migration Schedule

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Yeah, we’re going to be rolling out headers and documentation in general over this week. But I don’t expect that the flow will stop until there’s a hard stop.

Make sure to tag nav2 for Nav2 related problems / questions. While I may occasionally scroll on other tags to see where I can help, I’m only actively tracking those with nav2 (and to some degree ros2).

Robotics SE is too much of a fire hose to sift through any other way, even with community help in mind :slight_smile:

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Not sure something can still be done about it, but I just noticed that migrated Q&As with references to others in “shorthand notation” (ie: #qNNNNNN) don’t have those references as URLs converted to the new location of the content (ie: the converted Q&A on SE).

I personally made quite some use of those #qNNNNNN references.

One example: ros - apt update: signatures were invalid: F42ED6FBAB17C654 - Robotics Stack Exchange.

Another: ros - Package Manifest 2 - <depend> attribute version does not work - Robotics Stack Exchange. This one links to ros - How to specify package version in package.xml or rosdep depends.yaml - Robotics Stack Exchange which was migrated.

If a Q&A wasn’t migrated, linking might be difficult, but perhaps it could then link back to ROS Answers?

That’s a good point. I’ll see if we can do some post processing to revive those links.

I realized that only a portion of my answers had been ported from ROS Answers to Robotics Stack Exchange. Is this expected ?, I had like 71 answers in ROS answers and only 32 of them seem to be registered in RSE.

It wasn’t a 1-to-1 sync: there are approximately 800 answers missing from my ‘list’ on RSE.

well, I would have been concerned, that is a lot of value left behind.

In this post, ROS and Gazebo Answers Migration to Robotics Stack Exchange Process

you can read:

Unfortunately, we can’t transition all ROS Answers content, and it will not be perfect. However, we plan to be transparent about what’s happening, and respond to community feedback about the process.

I thought there was an even more detailed description of what will be migrated, but I couldn’t quickly find it… I think it was something about questions with no answers, comments and votes not being migrated.

Only those answers that were marked as accepted were migrated.

@tfoote could we please get some basic statistics about the transfer? How many questions were migrated? How many ARO user accounts got migrated to (merged with) RSE accounts?

Because we were able to backdate content into the database we were able to be more liberal with the imported question and not disrupt the experience on Robotics Stack exchange so we actually opened it up to any question which had an upvote or any question with an upvoted or accepted answer. Thus migrating basically any content that had been recorded as valuable to more than one person.

This heuristic resulted in 34,114 questions from ROS Answers and 2,004 questions from Gazebo Answers being migrated to Robotics Stack Exchange, which was just less than half of the 69,832 questions available on, and 7,233 on Gazebo Answers.

This migrated 39,953 and 2186 answers from each site respectively. Of these 33,821 and 1976 questions had accepted answers. Which means that 99.1% and 98.6% respectively of the migrated questions had accepted answers. This is setting a very good standard for the new site in terms of expecting to be able to find answers to questions.

A fun stat most questions had one answer, but some had as many as 10 here they are ordered by frequency.

1: 31130
2: 4156
3: 644
4: 124
5: 33
0: 19
7: 5
6: 4
10: 2
8: 2
9: 1

For the user accounts we had 187 people submit user associations. A handful were invalid (such as only providing one of the accounts or linking to non-extant profiles) And some had obvious typos that were able to be manually corrected so there were 183 accounts which had associations which could be credited.

We will be maintaining the old sites as in their read-only state. And are working on longer term archives as well as redirects for content which has been migrated. Gazebo Answers has been having stability and performance problems so we hope to switch to the archive asap to make it more accessible.

Thanks a lot, that’s a great chunk of work you’ve all done :wink:

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I was curious how much did our community extend the RSE community. I don’t have exact numbers, but e.g. the “Supporter” badge awarded for the first upvote is given to ~3000 users.

I think the heads up on the migration was a bit short. I get that it can be troublesome to have a longer transition period, but not everybody is monitoring the forums actively here. Anyways I missed the window to register my username between ros answers and robotics SE. I already had an account on both sites with the exact username. But the questions from ros answers were not linked to my robotics SE account. Is there a way to still do that? My username is Hakaishin on both platforms.

I don’t have one to one visibility in metrics. Looking at the number of users who have earned Karma on there’s about 50% more on ROS Answers than Robotics.SE.

It’s still early but we have seen significantly increased engagement on Robotics Stack Exchange since the migration with double to triple some of the very basic site statistics.

I’m sorry that you didn’t get a chance to do the association. We’ve been messaging with the specific link to sign up since May and June about getting people to register.

The migration has been completed. There’s a question on Robotics Meta Stack Exchange which has the best known solution to try to associate your data now.

Thank you for your suggestion, I tried and it didn’t work. I will try to raise a generic issue with robotics SE

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