Call for Action: ROS Answers Migration Account Association

Continuing the discussion from ROS and Gazebo Answers Migration to Robotics Stack Exchange Process:

Reminder: Please take a minute to associate your ROS and Gazebo Answers accounts with your Stack Exchange account using this form:

We’re planning to do a coordinated transition where we mark the site read only and then begin the transition at that time. In the mean time, we ask everyone to take a few minutes to help fill in any answers before the site is marked read only.

We’re still working out technical details and will announce the timeline when the details are worked out.


Will the migrated questions get a special tag on SE? It might help to see if the migration was successful…

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think that the tag will be worth using 20% of the available tags for this. (Stack Exchange only allows 5 tags). We will be including a header with acknowledgement of the original source and author which should be easily searchable. And we will have full tracability between each the original posts and their migrated content too. We will be looking at the best way to setup redirects for that as well.

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