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Indigo download size?

Due to a super effective IT department, I have to tether to my phone and use my personal data plan to download and install ROS on ubuntu 14.04. I can’t figure out how much data it’s going to take because I’m not downloading a file, I’m just running an apt-get command. Anyone have any idea how much data I’ll burn through? It’s taking a long time on 4G

First of all: sorry to hear that, thanks for your perseverance.

The amount of data will depend on how much of the ros ecosystem you need. If you don’t need all the simulators and computer_vision packages you can install ros-indigo-desktop. On a fresh trusty install it’ll download ~250MB of data.

For reference the ros-indigo-desktop-full package will download ~375MB.

Hope this helps

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Just type the apt-get install command in the shell. It will tell you how much it wants to download and will wait for a confirmation before doing so.

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Hi. Thanks for the feedback! I can live with that. But the install failed because the Wandboard/Ubuntu partition is too small. I’ve been through this before but I forget the magic sauce. - need to extend the size of an existing Linux partition somehow.