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Indigo sync preparations 2017-04-22

Indigo Maintainers,

We’d like to target a sync next week for indigo.

Reviewing the status of the build farm. I see >100 packages to sync. However I have identified two root causes blocking up to 6 packages.

Detected regressions:

Open tickets:

We’d like to focus on these and get another sync of indigo out next week.

We’re getting close. The only outstanding regression appears to be in the pr2_camera_synchronizer

We’ve been blocking on this one regression for over a week. If it is still regressed at the end of the day tomorrow we plan to sync with the regression.

I’ve identified two more issues that have come up:

Desktop has acquired a new dependency on simlulation indirectly. @sloretz

And collada_urdf_jsk_patch