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Indy Autonomous Challenge 3 hour replay

3 hour replay of Indy Autonomous Challenge AWS Sports Twitch livestream. Twitch report says 36,000 of us watched it live😁 3 part replay here:


“Delightfully nerdy!” said Chris Anderson of Kitty Hawk about Indy Autonomous Challenge livestream during Andra’s SVR Circuit Launch Robot Block Party. Here is the complete 3 hour HD replay. These fast robots hit speeds up to 157mph (PoliMOVE) running ROS 2 Cyclone DDS. Boston Dynamics Spot was the official race flagman.

All 21 universities selected ROS 2 Foxy with Eclipse Foundation projects Eclipse Cyclone DDS + Eclipse Zenoh. Some used Autoware.Auto drive-by-wire ros2 package. TUM upgraded to Galactic and won $1M.


@joespeedTUM upgraded to Galactic and won $1M.” Funny causality :wink:

But for sure a great success for the ROS community (and Matlab Simulink and Python Script Language Power). And it’s all open source !