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Integrating Lanelet2 to Autoware

We have been discussing how we should transit from Vector Map Format(VMF) to open format, and
most of the TSC memebers have agreed to go with Lanelet2.

In order to integrate Lanelet2 to Autoware, I’d like to discuss about two major topics:

1. Define Custom Tags for Autoware

From our investigations*1*2 on VMF and Lanelet2, there seems to be missing information in Lanelet2 that is used in some of Autoware nodes. Lanelet2 allows us to add custom tags for primitives to complement the missing information, and I have came up with draft for it. Please see this document for details. If anyone notices anything missing or can think of a better way to tag them, please feel free to start the discussion.

2. Extending core libraries for Lanelet2

Followings are some of the components that must be developed to use Lanelet2.

  • Projector
    There is default UTM Projector, but requires origin as input. Since we want to make sure that projection result does not change at different runtime, I would like to have projector without user input. I’m thinking of projecting to MGRS 100km grids.
  • ROS messages
    There are no ROS message defined to publish Lanelet2 map information. Perhaps we can make xml text into a string message.
  • RVIZ visualization
    We should have package to publish lanelets as visualization marker so that we can see map information on RVIZ.
  • Class implementation to handle custom regulatory elements
  • Utility functions
    I believe there will be some generic functions that are useful and are not yet in Lanelet2 core libraries. e.g. retrieving opposite lanes, crosswalks, etc.

I think these components could be developed as Autoware package first, and perhaps feedback some of them to official Lanelet2 repository if appropriate.