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Introducing Move Base Flex at ROSCON

Hi folks!
We (@spuetz, @corot) will introduce Move Base Flex (MBF) at ROSCON next week. MBF is a backwards-compatible replacement for move_base that overcomes many of its limitations, but still can use existing plugins. The key features are:

  • exposes action servers for planning, controlling and recovering plus access to the costmaps, allowing an external executive to implement smarter navigation strategies
  • abstracts a generic navigation framework that can be easily extended into particular implementations (in our implementation move_base is just an specialization of this abstract framework)

Though we are still actively developing it with an interesting list of new features we want to incorporate soon, as replace current costmap_2d with grid_map.

We already provide a simple executive using SMACH as a tutorial (video), though at ROSCON we will show more advanced use with Behavior Trees.

Hope to see many of you at ROSCON and hear your comments/critics/suggestions/feature requests!



Sounds very interesting. Eager to watch your talk!