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Is there somewhere a dump?

I sometimes work in offline setup and sometimes wish I had access to At worst, making a backup of the website myself (scraping) is illegal in many places of the world and at best, it would consume a lot of bandwith, which I believe, everyone would like to avoid.

To avoid this, some websites like stackoverflow dump their data.

I looked a bit but could not find one for Is there one somewhere or would you consider doing it?


I’ve used the askbot api to scrape a bunch of the info for but that dump isn’t downloadable anywhere… yet.

I wonder if we can achieve something like the Kiwix zim files? Kiwix (app) uses indexed webpage files (zim). Their website has lots of zim files from StackExchange, Wikipedia etc. I am not sure of their method to create the zim files but the pattern must be well established.

I never used Kiwix and Zim, but stackexchanges export in their format. Some RST in the documentation mention export and import, but I am not sure they still work and if it’s a similar format…
Someone in charge could probably tell more about it