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July ROS-A Europe Community Meeting: Call for Agenda Items

Hi all,

There is an opportunity to have a community meeting in July (13th-24th), if we have enough items to discuss. So if there is any update or new interesting topic you would like to talk about/share, please comment/suggest here.

Best regards,



Sorry for not replying, nor being available.
I hope that you are doing well, This past few weeks were very busy for me, and I think for a lot of us.
But I have more time now, and I think we should start meeting again, with real projects, now that the corona crisis is a bit more under control.
Would anyone be up for a meeting in October ?
Best regards

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No worries. I hope you are doing well too.
Yes, I am up for a meeting in October. Any topics in mind?
I have one here. @droter would like to make a montage collection of clips showing ROS has been used for agricultural robotics for ROSCon (as I recall, but correct me if I’m wrong). So I think it’s a topic worth discussing for the next meeting.


That a good subject,
And I would also like to start think how can we make our community grow, because it’s funnier if we can get small local teams to work on small projects and then maybe, meet later in a bigger event.
If you have other ideas !
Best regards,

A little of topic, but we are planning a track on agricultural applications during ROS-Industrial conference (virtual 15.-16.12.2020). If there is time, I could imagine discussing with present people if some are interested in giving a short presentation of their applications at the conference.

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