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Locus Robotics is hiring! - Full time, Boston, Robot Software

From our careers page:

Are you inspired by how robotics will change the world? Are you excited about real world applications for robotics? Would you like working directly with leading e-commerce companies who are deploying robotics? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be interested in one of our exciting employment opportunities! This is an opportunity to be part of an incredible team deploying a cutting-edge robotics solution to address real-world challenges in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses for major global brands.

I agree! Just look at one of our fleets doing its thing at a customer site. We’re growing our robot software team with engineers from a variety of backgrounds, specialisations, and experience levels:

Locus is a wonderful place to work - our team is a tight-knit mix of geographically distributed developers, and we’re great at working collaboratively to solve challenging problems. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about the listed roles, otherwise please apply at the link!


Locus is still hiring, and we have more Robotics/ROS-adjacent openings:

Hello Paul,

Is Locus Robotics hiring interns for the Fall? if you are i would be interested in joining.

Hi Rohit,

I can’t say for certain that we’ll be hiring interns this autumn, but feel free to send us your CV anyway. There’s a link on our Careers page on our website for uploading your CV.



The link on the site does not redirects me to a different page, it loads the career page again. If you could verify the link and let me know it would be great.

Thank You.

Thanks Rohit, I’ll make our HR folks aware, I imagine it’s supposed to link to this.

Awesome! i submitted my application, hope to hear back from you soon.