Looking for a job - Robotics (C/C++)


I am a robotics engineer looking for new opportunities. I have a master’s in robotics and 2 years of relevant experience as a researcher in R&D projects.

I would say I thrive when I am working with both hardware and software as I like to develop things from scratch. Developing drivers and low-level programming are what I like the most as I have a good understanding of both hardware and software and a deep curiosity to learn more and know how things work. Despite that, I would say my profile would be a good fit for joining an R&D team, as I love challenges, research, breaking barriers of what is known, and creating new technologies and new breakthroughs in the robotics world.

I am looking for a job in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, or the US. I am open to relocating to any of these countries.

If you think I am a good fit or if you have any opportunities contact me on any of these platforms:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joao-corvo
Email: joaonunocorvo@gmail.com
Phone: +351915337906

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