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Maintainer Meeting Recap - July 26th

Recap of the meeting from my memory (not actual meeting notes, we forgot to take those)


  • Robert Haschke
  • Michael ‘v4hn’ Görner
  • Ioan Alexandru Sucan
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Isaac IY Saito
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Maarten de Vries
  • Shaun Edwards
  • Dave Coleman

Isaac: Releasing Jade and Kinetic

  • Next Jade release will fix moveit_ros regression
  • Next Indigo release will be ABI breaking so we will have to notify users (safety fixes)
  • No exact schedule needed for releasing MoveIt!, but every month email maintainers to discuss whether one is needed/ready
  • Fergs will create a ticket about the warehouse_ros plugin that needs help
  • Isaac: For every release we’ll send out a brief note to moveit-users that includes API breakage, links to changelog
  • Jose: will release FCL 0.5 into Kinetic as ROS package very soon
  • Maarten: is heading up making Kinetic branches compatible with Octomap 1.8

Dave: Merging potentially 9 of the repos into one

  • Has experimental repo, and Discourse discussion
  • moveit_experimental: add .catkin_ignore and omit from deb release. document this
  • moveit_planners: will we be adding in too many dependencies?
  • Dave: will try to support merging indigo and jade branches too
  • Discussion about whether to change structure more than just copying in folders - easier migration now vs. restructure again in the future
  • Timeline: soon after world moveit day do the merge - REVISED: before

v4hn: Rules on cherry-picking, rebasing, and merging

  • Cherry-picking multiple commits into different branch vs squashing them into one
  • Most people seemed to prefer squashing them
  • Ferguson: No one-fit-all solution
  • Gorner: will create PR will overview of guidelines on moveit website for further discussion

Ferguson: World MoveIt! Day

  • August 23rd @ Fetch and elsewhere
  • See preannouncment email Dave sent out
  • Dave: organize list of issues to help with (Shaun: use github milestone)
  • Ian: organize documentations list for people to help with
  • Dave: announce event to everyone tomorrow (Wed)
  • MoveIt! Community Meeting should not be on WMD, but soon after

Jorge: Revitalizing Chomp and moveit_experimental

  • Jorge has working STOMP, not CHOMP, will create PR to moveit_planners for STOMP
  • Jonathan has working CHOMP
  • Jorge catkinized moveit_experimental, also


  • Robert has created a move_group unit test with Fanuc m10’s using ROS Industrial examples!!! Will create PR

Thank you Ioan, Shaun, Jose, and Maarten for joining the call.

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