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Maintainer Meeting minutes - Sep 27th

Community offering welcomed: Today we could have hit a Google Hangout communication issue; the number of participants that free version of Hangout allows is limited to up to 10. Any pro-user who can offer to host a Hangout in the future, we’d like to hear from you. Please hit the reply on this post.

Notes from previous meeting: Maintainer Meeting Recap - July 26th


  • Jonathan Binney
  • Dave Coleman
  • Christian Dornhege
  • Shaun Edwards
  • Robert Haschke
  • Michael ‘v4hn’ Görner (connectivity issue)
  • Ian McMahon
  • Isaac IY Saito
  • Maarten de Vries


Robert: Integration tests

Integration tests use rostest (see here for an example) defining some .test files,

Michael: Using sonames

@v4hn will open a PR to open a discussion.

Dave: Github pull request reviews, new rebase and merge button

We’ll utilize these new nice github features.

Michael: Prefer a plain “master” branch


@de-vri-es: C++11-ification

  • Replaced boost::ptrs to std::ptrs. Work in progress.
  • For client code of MoveIt!, there should be no code change in terms of C++11, unless those code specifically used boost::ptrs.
  • boost::function can be replaced with std::function

@130s: Kinetic initial release

@130s: Indigo 1st release from ros-planning/moveit repository.

@jonbinney: KinematicBase changes

Switching to

  • Use moveit-users forum for announcements, and use for technical questions (as general ROS community does).
  • Announce in moveit-users once documentation is updated.

Update list of maintainers

MoveIt 1.0?


ROSCon birds of a feather

  • Ian or Ferg can coordinate BoF?
  • Ian, Shaun will be present

MoveIt! Community Meeting

Dave plans to coordinate one in October.
Speakers welcome.

Post-meeting TODOs

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