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Making Pull Requests Evaluation A Good Experience

Dear ROS community,

Few months ago, I asked your participation in a survey to determine what would make a good PR evaluation process. Sorry, for the delay (it takes significant time and effort to analyze qualitative data). Now, the results are ready and I’m happy to discuss further.

I attached the slides with the results of the study.


Results.pdf (204.8 KB)


Perhaps it was intentionally out of scope, but I think it would be interesting to hear about the “bad practices.” Kind of similar to how antipatterns can help developers identify bad ideas, explicitly laying it out could be helpful.

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Good point. We looked for the positive behavior as our scope was to identify the “good experience.” But your suggestion makes a good topic for future study.

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Is the raw data available? I am also starting to wonder, with all the surveys coming out, if we should create a repo with a summary markdown document pointing people to the results, and collecting all the datasets. If I did this would you be willing to contribute?

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Yes, definitely! Good idea. I suggest that the dataset should be anonymized.

Oh totally. I don’t want people’s PII on the internet. I think on average there are at least two surveys running at any given time. It would help to have a centralized place where we keep ROS community data. It might also give people a place to look before they fire off a survey for data that already exists.