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ROS News for the Week of 9/21/2020

Thanks @fmrico

@grassjelly will be at ROS World to talk about legged robotics

ROS based Gundam takes its first step.

Weekly Update for 9/21/2020



ROS News

In an effort to draw attention to ROS Anwers I am going to start including a few recent ROS questions every week. If you have a good candidate question/answer let me know.

Questions of the Week


IMU drift causing robot to drift in RVIZ

I wonder how this question from 2015 made it question of the week. Also the website link of the questions author naman seems to be broken now (=> spam). He probably lost the domain. Can someone remove the link please?

Oh wow, I didn’t look at the original date, I was just looking at “latest” on ROS discourse and was like that’s an issue I’ve had in the past. Yeah, there appears to be some domain squatting / replacement. I’ll see what I can do.