Manipulation WG / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - July 27

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2023-07-27T15:00:00Z.


  • New Kinova driver for ROS 2 public: ros2_kortex
  • Hands-on with Python Bindings (Jafar)
  • … your topic


Dial in by Phone (US)
+1 406-851-5227
PIN: 490 349 699#


  • Tyler Weaver
  • Abishalini Sivaraman
  • Alex Moriarty
  • Bence Magyar
  • Chance Cardona
  • Henning Kayser
  • Joe Schornak
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Marq Rasmussen
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Paul Gesel
  • Sebastian Castro
  • Sebastian Jahr
  • Simon
  • Erik Holum


  • [Alex Moriarty] Announcing open-sourcing of Kinova robot drivers
    • depended on closed-source work that is now open-source
    • tutorial PR incoming to include Kinova robot in the tutorials
    • supports gazebo
    • rotiq gripper requires a patch to gazebo (please merge gazebo maintainers)
    • 4 continuous joints
    • 7dof and 6dof configurations
    • gen3 lite with gripper
    • camera support is not part of this release, ros1 support, future work
  • [Sebastian Castro] Difficulties if you try to use moveit_servo with Kinova
    • Jerky motion because Kinova driver tracks commands too faithfully
    • Internal twist controller provided by kinova that works but it lacks singularity and collision features of moveit_servo
    • Some ideas around the carrot/stick scaling feature to make it work better that modifies twist
    • Kinova does not support velocity control (effort control is supported)
  • [Sebastian Castro] Servo refactor incoming with many features, better testing, new APIs, and an overall code deletion. Please come review/test it.
  • [Henning Kayser] PR to fix quaternion representation of jacobian, someone working on servo should take a look at that PR
  • [Alex Moriarty] MoveIt has two different version for ROS Humble. Humble builds on main, it also is released into the ROS distribution but that is very old. The configs for main do not work with the debains in the ROS distribution. This will be difficult for users who want to use Kinova but do not want to build MoveIt from source. If we want to support both for the Kinova I’ll need two branches for the driver.
  • [Alex / Tyler / Marq / Henning / Sebastian] Discussion about if Humble should be our “first class” ROS distribution
  • [Marq] It would be good to discuss more specific technical issues in these meetings
    • It would also be good to have a public agenda so people can add things they want to discuss to the meeting
    • [Henning] We can add those things to the agenda for the next meeting, be aware there is a public meeting every Tuesday morning where we discuss open PRs and ongoing work.