Manipulation WG / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - Feb 23

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2023-02-23T16:00:00Z.


  • MoveIt 2 Updates
    • New Isaac Sim Tutorial (Marq)
    • Easier and fail-safe cross-referencing in moveit2_tutorials (Henning)
  • GSoC23 - MoveIt accepted!
    • contributor proposals open from March 20th until April 4th
  • World MoveIt Day
    • When: June 1st?
    • What:
      • Possible Local Events?
      • Run a whole-week Hackathon with WMD for show and tell?


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Phone Numbers (US)

+1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#

Meeting Notes

Andrej Orsula, Andy Zelenak, Chris Thrasher, Henning Kayser, Marq Rasmussen, Michael Ferguson, Nathan Brooks, Paul Gesel, Peter David Fagan, Peter Mitrano, Robert Haschke, Sebastian Castro, Sebastian Jahr

Isaac Tutorial

  • How To Command Simulated Isaac Robot — MoveIt Documentation: Humble documentation
  • Quick Demo by Marq Rasmussen
  • Isaac’s advantages
  • Disadvantages: Simulation and ROS 2 ecosystem are not synchronized
  • Henning: Is it suitable for simulating manipulation tasks in a robust way?
  • Marq: Gazebo’s engines Dart and ODE aren’t great for manipulation tasks, Isaac’s offers multiple engines that could be better but unsure how good it is
  • Sebastian C: Does sim publish it’s own time values
  • Marq: Yes

Tutorial updates and fixes

Google Summer of Code

  • Henning: We’re approved to participate and accept proposals from March 20 - April 4. Please advertise MoveIt as a project to contribute to.

  • Link to project proposals ideas: 2023 Google Summer of Code | MoveIt

  • More project ideas and mentors would be appreciated: If you’re interested reach out to Henning Kayser, Mark Moll, or the person listed as project mentor

World MoveIt Day

  • When do we want to do it?
      1. June: Collides with ICRA
    • Week before? It collides with Automate but that might be ok
    • The best options are the second and last week of May
  • What should World MoveIt Day be?
    • Hackathon: A day is too short, maybe a week with WMD as a show-and-tell event?
      • Discarded: too much to prepare and impractical for many labs and companies. We are seeking to introduce and recruit new contributors instead. We should focus on teaching and in-person events if time is too short
  • Michael: Prepares some notes to prepare WMD in-person events
  • Henning: Will set and announce the final date
  • If you’re interested in organizing a local in-person event: Reach out to Henning

Python bindings for MoveIt 1

  • Robert: Peter M contributed a very nice Python API rework that is lying around unmerged for quite some time now. See WIP: Rework Python API by rhaschke · Pull Request #2910 · ros-planning/moveit · GitHub. How should the namespace issues be handled? I’d suggest advising people to don’t use devel space anymore
  • Henning: Use an alias for moveit. and remap the names
  • Peter M: Something like this could be done in the moveit/moveit catkin package.
  • Peter M: API Docs need precompiled MoveIt workspace for Doxygen, same problem as with Python bindings for MoveIt 2
  • Robert: Could we host the MoveIt 1 python docs on
  • Henning: Yes, we can do that, set up with docker image to provide compiled bindings and doxygen. If we do that, we should also consolidate the tutorials and deploy them with one sphinx multi version setup. We’ll get Python bindings for MoveIt 2 completed first, applying it to MoveIt 1 should be a copy-paste effort
  • MTC bindings? Robert: still waiting for MoveIt 2 bindings to get merged and will then continue to fix up and complete MTC bindings


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