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"Man's best friend's robotic friend" Christmas video

Merry Christmas everyone!

After seeing FZI’s excellent Christmas video this year ("Christmas Cancelled" - Christmas Video & Robot Wallpapers) I thought I would share ours here as well. Sometimes man’s best friend needs a new robotic friend.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year’s from DTI.

Previous years’ videos

P.S. Didn’t know whether the custom is to create a new thread or to piggyback on somebody else’s thread - so I decided to make a new one not to encroach. If we end up with tons of Christmas video threads maybe it can be made into a common thread.


This is great!

I wouldn’t worry too much about when to create a new thread as Discourse has a search bar. What draws my ire more are when people resurrect a thread that has been inactive for more than say 90 days.

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