markerless positional tracking?

Need to find out the position of a stereo camera in the real world relative to a starting reference position via a SLAM algorithm or something else.

My strereo camera is an inexpensive 120fps @ 480p per side or 60fps @ 60 fps per side.

Need to run it on a singleboard computer such as Raspberry PI (Odroid and Tinkerboard seem like good candidates) so need to run ROS on Linux to run on these singleboard computers with no PC requirements.

All I need is to access the position values of the camera each frame.

Can ROS do this? I found a stereo camera SLAM package for it but not sure if it can provide position data and whether there are more suitable nodes.

Thank you.

PS. If anyone is curious It’s a ELP stereo USB HD camera module which cost around 70USD and can be bought directly from the manufacturer from Alibaba or AliExpress.

You can try ORB-SLAM It has very good results and is faster than method based on point clouds.