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MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - January 11 2019


  • Kinematics Base API Rework
  • MoveIt! 1.0 Release
  • Policy for Contributors and Maintainers
  • Clang-tidy Work
  • Misc


  • Dave Coleman
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Robert Haschke
  • Mike Lautman
  • Jon Binnery
  • Gijs van der Hoorn
  • Michael Görner
  • Zak Kingston
  • Bryce Willey
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Felix von Drigalski

Kinematics Base API (Led by Robert Haschke)

  • Technical side: Regression in Melodic: KDL IK doesn’t provide nice results
    • Assumption: things are a little slower causing earlier timeouts
  • The API for Kinematics isn’t satisfactory (Comments are in Issue
  • Lots of cruft/redundancy
  • General agreement that it needs to change
  • However, it’s an old API, with lots of plugin users.
  • Better documentation of the features are needed as well
  • Several use cases:
    • any IK solution, close or not
    • closest as possible solutions
  • Some IK plugins won’t support all of these options, maybe we expand the ability to check if a certain plugin has a certain feature
  • Major users: Descarte
  • Redundant Kinematic’s Base
    • Major discussion: do we break user’ API unnecessarily?

MoveIt! 1.0 Release:

  • ROS 2.0 is a giant API change
  • Do we want to be able to have MoveIt! 1.0 and 2.0 on the same computer?
    • Probably not
  • Who do we optimize for: People using MoveIt! and want it to ‘just work’, and those who can handle breaking changes and update
  • ROS 2 will be hard, it’s still missing a lot of features
    • It does have actions and parameters, but no parameter server
    • We will have 2 branches: master for ROS 1.0, and d***-devel for ROS 2.0
    • Beta ROS 2 release in December, release next year
  • Dave has been working getting resources to move to ROS 2.0, but the maintainers need to have a plan
  • Issue: someone has to write a ROS 2.0 branch, but while it’s being written, there will be enough changes that they will have to catch up toWorkshop
  • Other big projects that have done the ROS 2 switch:
    • RViz: they did a hard fork for the new branch.
  • If someone wants to split off a branch, try to make sure you can isolate as many components as you can. It will be work in development for a long time.

Policy for Contributors and Maintainers

  • Main difference: recognizes “Core Contributors” who might not be Maintainers, but still have significant MoveIt! experience.
    • recognized on the website, can put on CV, possibly could have Github tags for them so the community can recognize them.



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