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MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - January 28th

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be January 28th at 8am PST .

Your time zone: 2021-01-28T16:00:00Z


  • Old business
  • Upcoming World MoveIt Day, tentatively planned for Wednesday March 10, 2021 (Mark)
  • Google Summer of Code application for MoveIt: need project ideas & mentors (Mark)
  • MoveIt 2 Development update (Henning)
  • State of MoveIt CI (Tyler)
  • Future MoveIt Roadmap
  • Out of date package.xml maintainers across MoveIt packages
  • Anything else…

Please request here any agenda topics you would like included.

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers (‪US‬)
‪+1 347-486-5750‬
PIN: ‪644 991 049#‬


Can we add the future roadmap to the agenda?

Another topic if we have time: Out of date package.xml maintainers across MoveIt packages

Meeting Notes

World MoveIt Day - March 10th, 2021

  • Prepare first-timer issues and WMD candidates
  • Focus on MoveIt 2, e.g. migrate tutorials to ROS 2
  • Ideas for dealing with remote event
    * Lightning talks - live talk + discussion, but keep record for later review
    * Use Discord, Discourse for sharing
    * Prepare soft deadline for registration to prepare accordingly
    * Schedule time blocks for group discussions

GSoC '21

  • Registration deadline coming up
  • Looking for objectives and mentors
  • Considered objective: Convert MoveIt tutorials to ROS 2 (half-time engagement for beginners?)

MoveIt 2 Tutorials

  • PickNik setting up new MoveIt 2 tutorial repo, cloned from ‘ros-planning/moveit’
  • Initially, tutorials will have a note disclaimer if they haven’t been ported yet

MoveIt 2 Updates

  • New weekly standup meeting with shared project board
  • Hybrid Planning architecture completed
    • PR about the merged, white paper being published soon

CI Issues

  • MoveIt 1
    • “Travis is bad but it’s not terrible”
    • We’ll stick to running Travis, not looking into different providers currently
  • MoveIt 2
    • Improve linting with ament_lint, some upstream fixes required
    • Simplify running CI and linting locally
    • Applying ROS 2 linting standards for all repos
    • Considering switching to Circle CI

MoveIt 2 Roadmap for 2021

  • Looking for feature candidates and commited efforts
    • Ideas:
      * Scene graph (Felix)
      * Dynamic tool switching (Jorge)
      * Support for multiple robot models (Michael)
      * …
  • Dave presents roadmap page on new website prototype
  • Objectives will be listed on website and linked to GitHub issues

Attendees: Abishalini Sivaraman, Andy Zelenak, Dave Coleman, David Lu!!, Fabian, Felix von Drigalski, Mike Ferguson, Jafar Abdi, Jere Liukkonen, Jeroen de Mayer, Joachim Schleicher, Jorge Nicho, Kevin DeMarco, Mark Moll, Marq Rasmussen, Michael Görner, Nathan Brooks, Ranjit Kathiryia, Robert Haschke, Peter Mitrano, Sebastian Jahr, Simon Schmeisser, Tyler Weaver