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MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - November 19th

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be November 19th at 8am PST. While normally this meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of the month, this month we moved it a week earlier to avoid conflicting with Thanksgiving, a major holiday in the US. For similar reasons the December meeting will also be held on the third Thursday.

Your time zone: 2020-10-19T15:00:00Z


  • Old business
  • ROSWorld retrospective
  • First-timer issues progress (as discussed last month) (Tyler)
  • MoveIt Tutorials currently require installing MoveIt from source. Can/should that change? (Mark)
  • Should we participate in Google Summer of Code 2021? It’s now a much shorter program (Mark)
  • Update on hybrid planner (Sebastian Jahr)
  • Anything else…

Please request here any agenda topics you would like included.

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers

(US) +1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#

Topic requests:

  • Improvements to MoveIt website for first time contributors
  • 2021 Roadmapping
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Meeting Notes

What did people think of ROS World? Especially the MoveIt section?

  • Sad we couldn’t do live Q&A
  • Critique of lots of “talks” that were actually ads.
  • But, it was a free event
  • But, some of the ads were actually interesting/fun to watch
  • Fair number of new people are trying the MoveIt Discord channel, but there is a fragmentation of attention

First timer issues

  • Tyler: Issues that are easier to tackle, reserved for noobs
  • One is done already, a few more in progress
  • Dave: adding a big blue button for first time issues

Introduce new faces

  • Alex: a new PickNiker, taking charge of the MoveIt website
  • Abi: improving the tutorials
  • David Lu: the Nav Man, may be adding some nav features to MoveIt

MoveIt Roadmap

  • Website preview
  • Will include a table to propose new features, leads, and estimated date
  • Make a PR to have your feature added to the table
  • Christian: more detail on each feature?

Discourse will link to the Discord channel

Reviewing Felix’s Frames PR

  • Still needs an in-depth review

MoveIt tutorials

  • Instructions ask you to check out source
  • Long compile time
  • If the tutorials worked with Debians, that would be great
  • Could provide a source Docker image, to get a recent build (shot down, it’s not intuitive)
  • Most of the tutorials will work from binaries
  • There are also several branches with different instructions
  • Alex is working on making tutorial navigation easier. Especially for different ROS versions
  • robots.txt: hide older versions from Google search, e.g. Indigo and Jade
  • Nobody opposes making binaries the default

GSoC will be shorter next year

  • Half the number of hours available
  • Mark: not worth it
  • Tyler, Felix, Andy: worth it
  • Early onboarding will be important
  • Need to define tasks well and choose the students wisely
  • Can contact previous GSoC students again
  • Students can spread the work out more, may be able to attract students interested in a side gig
  • Look for candidates who already actively participate
  • Mark will apply again

Hybrid planner

  • Sebastian: Master’s student, PickNik intern
  • Has done a lit review, produced an architecture draft
  • MoveIt2 issue #300
  • Is looking for feedback at this early stage of development
  • This week, started first prototype
  • Goal is a working concept by the end of the year
  • Gave a diagram overview
  • Global planner (slower planning frequency)
  • Local planner (small adjustments, e.g. for force regulation)
  • Global planner node/component, local planner node/component, hybrid manager node/component
  • Andy: could implement the local planner as a modified version of the ros2_control JointTrajectoryController
  • The controller can blend new trajectories already
  • No plan to implement re-planning yet
  • Local planner: goal is 100-300 Hz
  • Global planner: 30 Hz goal
  • Felix: wants a concrete example to discuss
  • Marq: what is the target hardware? Most industrial robots have control loops of 40-60 Hz
  • UR E-series is up to 500 Hz, Panda up to 1 kHz
  • Marq: beginning a pick when the full size of the object is not known is another use case

UR driver for ROS2

  • PickNik, ROS-Industrial, UR, Spirit Aerosystems and FZI are collaborating on a UR driver for ROS2
  • ros2_control should be making their initial release soon (possibly one week or two)
  • That is the last missing piece to finish the driver
  • Hope to have an alpha release for testing in roughly 2 weeks

ABB & Kuka ROS2 demos are also in the works

  • by Dmitri Ignakov

In attendance:

Tyler Weaver, Michael Ferguson, Alex Goldman, Christian Henkel, Felix von Drigalski, Andy Zelenak, Jafar Abdi, Gijs van der Hoorn, Marq Rasmussen, Sebastian Jahr, Mark Moll, Henning Kaiser, Jere Liukkonen, Abi Sivaraman, David Lu