MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - May 26th

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2022-05-26T15:00:00Z.


  • Old Business
  • MoveIt 2 Development update
    • MSA Completion
    • Humble Release
  • WMD 2022, June 2nd

Please request any agenda topics you would like included.


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26 May, 2022 MoveIt Maintainer Meeting


  • Old Business
  • MoveIt 2 Development update
    • MSA Completion
    • Humble Release
  • WMD 2022, June 2nd


MSA Update (David):

  • Working on integrating support for ros2_control config files. This gets a little complicated. Needed to add support for modifying the URDF to add extensions for ros2_control. Have an initial implementation of this feature.
  • Nathan: Could tag Bence or Lovro for ros2_control-related questions.
  • Henning: Added a workaround in this PR to allow running MoveGroup and the demos.
  • Nathan: We should merge in the framework and add full support subsequently.
  • Henning: Not a big rush to get this in for Humble, since the next sync is a few weeks away.
  • David: Was working from the MoveIt resources packages as an example of how to configure this info for various robots.
  • David: WIll make a PR that fixes the “can’t launch anything” bug and merge it into the feature branch. Once we have that we can merge the initial work into main.

Release Update (Jafar):

  • While we have complete Humble support related, we didn’t quite meet the deadline to get MoveIt 2 into the latest Rolling release.
  • All the MoveIt 2 dependencies are released already.
  • Henning/Vatan: The transition to Humble was smooth. We did run into some issues to fix when switching to Jammy. This worked better than it did for the Galactic release.

World MoveIt Day (Henning)

  • Next week, June 2nd 2022!
  • Working on putting together tracks that maintainers will lead. For example, prep work on the debugging track so there’s stuff to fix during WMD.
  • Other tracks: MTC, MSA, DevOps
  • Nathan: MSA track for ros2_control plugin
  • Henning: We’ll use SpatialChat, an online virtual chat space.
  • Jafar: Suggests applying “World MoveIt Day Candidate” tag to issues we want people to work on there.

Google Summer of Code (Henning)

  • We have two GSOC students. One is working on multi-arm planning, the other on the Python interface.