MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - December 2

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be December 2nd at 8am PST.
It’s being pushed a week back because of the Thanksgiving holidays.

Your time zone: 2021-12-02T16:00:00Z


  • Old business
  • Upcoming roadmap, releases and epics (Henning, Tyler)
    • MoveIt 2 Rolling/Galactic Release
    • New branching strategy
  • Hybrid Planning Update - Welding Application (Sebastian)
  • MoveIt Community Meeting in Q1 2021 (Sean)
  • Discussion: Populating meeting agenda from issues (Henning)
  • <your topic>

Please request any agenda topics you would like included.


Phone Numbers (US)

+1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#

  • [Henning] Rolling, Galactic release
    • Hybrid Planner
    • CHOMP
    • Pilz
  • [Tyler] Tutorials and Good-first-issue
  • [Andy] Hybrid planning
    • Almost there, small cmake changes
    • [Simon] What is the use case
    • [Henning] Welding, architecture is working, controlling the end effector with Servo
  • [Henning] It would be nice if we had a distributed way of adding to the meeting agenda (github tag)
  • [David] MSA Port
    • Initial port with refactoring for the GUI
    • Intent is to make it easier to test and extend the GUI
    • Screenshot of new GUI that looks like the old one
    • Each of the individual steps is not ported but there are instructions for how to go about this
    • Does not address the output of the setup assistant (configs/launch files)
    • It is mostly QT code and templates and is more modular instead of mega classes
    • Would like to get latched string discussion resolved for robot_description
    • [Henning] goes hand in hand with the simplified launch file that we should get merged
    • [Jorge] Does this leverage the PR for simplifying parameter loading
      • [David] no, this port still generates the ros1 style launch files
  • [Jafar] What version should I release for ROS 2
    • [v4hn] Use 2.0 so ROS 1 could use 1.0