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MoveIt Noetic Release 1.1.4

We are proud to announce a release of Noetic is on the way.
There were 28 separate commits that are new since the last release of moveit.
Here is a summary of what new changes there are:


  • Let users override fake execution type from demo.launch #2602
  • Add planning_pipeline_id setting to Python MGI #2622


  • Github Actions: Add pre-release job #2597
  • Synchronize async interfaces in planning interface tests #2640
  • Add pre-commit hook for .rst files


  • Document solution in ROS_ERROR on failed self-filtering #2627
  • Print an error indicating that the planning pipelines are empty before returning. #2639


  • Simplify logic in Planning Scene Monitor #2632
  • Fix pre-release shell syntax #2635
  • Fix remove_attached_object API in Python PSI #2609
  • Minor fixups in Planning Scene Display #2618
  • Set rotation value of cartesian MaxEEFStep by default #2614

Bug Fixes

  • Fix prerelease test #2633
  • Fix pre-release workflow #2638
  • Use private NodeHandle instead of child for PlanningPipeline topics #2652
  • Lock the octomap/octree while collision checking for thread safety #2596 and #2660
  • Fix file conflict when upgrading moveit_ros_planning #2659
  • Lock the Bullet collision environment, for thread safety #2598
  • Avoid joint jump when SuddenHalt() is called in velocity mode #2594
  • Fix Pilz Velocity limit error #2610
  • Add sphinx-rtd-theme for python docs as a dependency #2645
  • Install sympy 0.7.1 from git instead of pypi for ikfast scripts #2650

Thank You

This release comes with features from 12 different contributors.

Andy Zelenak
Christian Landgraf
Felix von Drigalski
Henning Kayser
Jochen Sprickerhof
Luc Bettaieb
Michael Görner
Nathan Brooks
Peter Mitrano
Robert Haschke
Simon Schmeisser
Tyler Weaver

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