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Moveit_visual_tools is now released in Noetic

We are happy to announce a moveit_visual_tools is released into Noetic will all of the bug fixes and feature development done over the last two years since the last Melodic release. After the next Noetic sync you’ll be able to easily use these new features without building moveit_visual_tools from the source.

What’s new in Noetic?

Here are the highlights:

  • Uses the unified collision environment
  • Cuboids are published with size
  • Uses new .hide member of DisplayRobotState msg
  • Exposes the publishers to the users
  • Highlight selected links in publishRobotState() + improved collision visualization
  • Fix Eigen alignment
  • Fix missing end effector markers
  • Fix remove #attempts from setFromIK

Final Notes

Thank you to all the maintainers and contributors of MoveIt who made this release possible!

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