Multiple openings at Boston Dynamics AI Institute

The Boston Dynamics AI Institute has many job openings at all levels. If you know ROS, chances are you’d be a good fit.

Our mission is to solve the most important and fundamental challenges in AI and Robotics to enable future generations of intelligent machines that will help us all live better lives. Our office is nestled in the heart of Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the world’s most significant research communities.

We need outstanding talent at all levels across AI, robotics, computing, machine learning, machine perception, software, mechanical, and electrical engineering with a passion for developing technology for robots and use it to advance their capabilities and usefulness.

If you are interested in a position at the Institute, please submit your resume and any links to your work using the links below. We will be looking for talent at all levels across a broad range of disciplines. In addition to deep expertise in your area, we value hands-on experience with physical systems and teamwork.