Multiple positions for robotics-focused innovation lab

Hi all, I’m standing up a new mobile robotics product development group in the Baltimore/DC area. We have some exciting opportunities to launch new solutions in outdoor, semi-structured areas. Please see below for group description and postings. We utilize ROS to accelerate prototyping, simulation work, and fielding pilot deployments. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Don’t know Oceaneering?
From operating the world’s largest ROV fleet conducting mission-critical operations deep under the oceans, to deploying cutting-edge autonomous vehicles in theme park rides and automotive operations, we know a thing or two about applying robotics technologies and solid cross-disciplinary engineering to help our clients bring automation to some of the harshest, dangerous, and most demanding environments.

Oceaneering Advanced Technologies’ Mobile Robotics Innovation Lab (MRIL) is the latest initiative to continue growing Oceaneering’s pioneering robotics heritage and portfolio in an ever-exciting time for autonomous systems and AI. Our group investigates and develops new markets, products, technologies and business models in order to drive long-term growth for our lines of business. We work hard to continue being a leader in mobile robotics solutions for customers’ mission-critical needs, working with like-minded partners and taking risks in delivering new and innovative solutions that push the industry and push ourselves.
Available postings: