[Nav2] Looking for Velocity Smoother Testers!

Hi all, your friendly neighborhood navigator here

The last couple of weeks I put together a Velocity Smoother for ROS 2 (in the same theme as kobuki and yocs from ROS 1). However, I am a robotistic with no deployed robots these days so I need your help to test this on hardware to make sure that this does the job right! It’s a complete re-write based on current requirements so that adds an element of chance that I’d like to get it into users’ hands to make sure it works as expected.

If you have (1) a robot (2) an hour and (3) want to do Nav2 a community service, this would be a great way to help and/or get involved. It has been tested in simulation and contains 99.4% unit test coverage but we need to make sure on real physical systems it works as expected and doesn’t cause any unforeseen issues in the real world.

If you test it and hate it or love it, please let me know in the comments below or in the PR so that we can move forward either way with merging it or fixing up some issues.

Happy velocity smoothing,