Need help with a library for which makes using ROS 2 easier

Hello y’all,

I’ve been working on a new library to help lower the skill ceiling for getting into ROS2, and for making things in ROS2 require less micro-management called ROS2_easy

it comes with:

  • A function for automatically re-generating a package’s to add all folders in a given package to paths. So no more “resource not found” errors
  • A launch file generator which consolidates the process of creating a launch file into a “launch_configuration” class which(for must packages) handles generating launch files for you
  • A (WIP)FreeCAD urdf generator, which lets you convert from model → urdf → sdf.
  • A ROS2 project launcher which takes a “launch_configuration”, and generates then runs a bash script which builds, sources, and runs, everything you want to test all at once.

No more opening 3 different terminals, 1 different windows only CAD, 2 different config files, all to test 1 change. Just define your packages as “Package” objects, your ROS2 project environment as a “launch_configuration” object, and then run whichever functions you need to test in 1 python file.

Most of the tool work fine, but the project needs help adding gazebo support and cmake support.

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Nice one! Sometimes I find that as complex as ROS is, more tools/choices can sometimes just make things even more confusing, but hopefully this can make it a bit easier for beginners and especially to save a few clicks for experienced users.

Although you might want to update the readme etc to say “ROS 2” rather than “ROS2” given some of the discussions of the past week :wink:

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hmm? :eyes: :droplet:

You can check out last week’s news post for some memes on the matter, but according to the ROS brand guidelines there should always be a space, and there has been a bit of discussion about it in the last week or so.

When I first started writing ROS tutorials I made sure to check and have tried to get it right from the start, but I’m certain I’ve got it wrong at points so I’m definitely not on any high horse!