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New Features for Fast DDS & ROS2 Foxy

Hi all,

During the latest month, we have released Fast DDS 2.0.2 and 2.1 with some interesting new features available in Foxy in the next Syncs. (2.0.2 this week, and 2.1 soon)

What is new?

  • Support for our new Discovery Server 2.0: Up to 90% traffic reduction in discovery, boosting the performance in large scale systems.

  • Intra-process performance boost: Fast DDS was already really fast, but now, It is even faster! Later this week we will publish some results.

  • Added support for on_requested_incompatible_qos and on_offered_incompatible_qos: Interesting feature to know if the QoS of your publishers and subscribers are (in)compatible.

And a lot more, the details:


Full Release notes:

What is next?

Next release is scheduled for end of this year, and among other features will include an improved shared memory transport. The Shared Memory transport is available since Fast DDS 1.10, but in our next release is becoming a full zero-copy Shared Memory Transport available in all the ROS2 supported platforms. Zero-copy is the Fastest possible mechanism for inter-process comms, in which no memory copies are required to transmit the data from the publisher to the subscriber. We will publish more information about this topic soon.


@Jaime_Martin_Losa Great news! Looking forward to using these releases. Could you please tell us when exactly can we expect to have the binary install version of 2.0.2 and 2.1 of ros-foxy-fastrtps available?

Hi @ashwinsushil. The binary version of v2.0.1 is already available in the ROS 2 Foxy binary installation. Tomorrow (2020.11.19) there is a scheduled Foxy binaries sync which will ship Fast DDS v2.0.2. As for the v2.1.0, we are in the process on setting it in ROS 2 Rolling first. Once it has landed there successfully, we will include it in Foxy. I cannot give you a concrete date on that one because I’m not sure about the calendar for ROS 2 Foxy sync, but I can tell you it will be sooner rather than later, hopefully before the end of the year.


@ashwinsushil @EduPonz

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to preparing for a Foxy sync this week (and I’m on vacation next week), so you can expect v2.0.2 to be available from the main deb repo the first week of December.

You can blame me for the delay :upside_down_face:


Hi @ashwinsushil

2.0.2 is going to be available in Foxy this week. See the post from @jacob here:

Preparing for Foxy sync and patch release 2020-12-11

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@Jaime_Martin_Losa Excellent news!

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