New rqt plugin to create, manage and arrange tf frames

Dear ros-users,

I am happy to announce that our rqt-plugin „frame_editor“ just went public.

  • Its purpose is to create, manage and arrange tf-frames.
  • It is highly bundled with rviz and was just VERY handy for us in the past.
  • Using this tool it’s literally just one click e.g. to change the parent-frame
    without changing the global position or e.g. aligning two frames positions but
    keeping their orientation.

Clone it, test it, fork it and let me know what you think.

The current version works with “kinetic” and above (due to qt5 dependencies).
If you want to use “indigo” or below let me know and I will create a tag in the commit history for you.


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Very nice.

May I be the first to ask for an Indigo tag?

You are not the first one by 5min!


ok ok ok, I did it. I named the branches to indigo-devel and kinetic-devel
I haven’t expected so many people still on indigo…
But I am very happy about your interest! Thanks