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OS X ROS2 setup script for quick installation

Hi all,

I recently setup ROS2 from source on my macbook with High Sierra using the installation instructions here:
I have written a shell script to execute the commands needed for the setup and would like to contribute it back to the documentation. I believe this will help fellow developers setup (or update) their workspaces quickly and I am hoping that this can be used for testing purposes as well.

Can you please let me know how to make this contribution? Should I fork the ROS2 documentation repository and submit a PR after adding the script and updating the documentation?

Yes, a pull request against the repository is the right way to do it.

My recommendation is to put your script on a separate (new) page and then put a note at the top of the macOS instructions saying there’s an alternative way to install using an automated script, and then link to the page with your script.

Generally we shy away from scripts like this because we like people to know what’s being done to their system before they do it, and because on platforms with “rolling” package managers (like macOS and Windows) scripts are often fragile and need lots of maintenance or user intervention.

We appreciate your contribution anyways and we can continue to discuss how to present it and how/what it should do in a pull request to the documentation repository.