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Please ask all questions on ROS answers

Hi ROS users,

As a reminder, please ask questions on ROS Answers, following our support policy.

While bootstrapping ROS 2 we chose to centralize questions on the mailing list for greater visibility. Now that the volume has increased, that becomes unsustainable, so we now request asking any ROS question (ROS 1 or ROS 2) on ROS Answers.
The ROS 2 core developers are all subscribed to tags related to ROS 2.

To avoid confusion, when posting new questions, please tag them with the rosdistro you are using (for ROS1: indigo, kinetic… for ROS2: ardent, bouncy…). If the issue spans several ROS distributions, please use the more generic ros1 or ros2 tags.

Thanks again to all the members of the community making ROS Answers a successful exchange platform with over 20 questions a day answered by the community.

Your friendly ROS team


OK, I will , thank you reminder