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ROS usage survey

Hello ROS users,

We would like to get an idea of how you are currently using ROS1-Melodic/ROS2, or how you plan on using it in the future. If you could fill out this short survey, it would help us make decisions on investing in supporting ROS1-Melodic in AWS Robomaker. We will leave the survey open for 2 weeks, until April 23, 2019, and post the anonymized results shortly after that.

Thank You!
AWS Robomaker Team


Hi @pdutta,

I started the survey, but I think that options are not complete. People using ROS2 usually use also a ROS1 distribution. And ROS2 has also distributions (Ardent, Bouncy, Crystal…)


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Appreciate the feedback. I was looking for some specific trends. Will keep this in mind for my next survey. Thanks.

The second question is asking about switching from Kinetic to Melodic independent from the choice of ROS distro in the the first answer. It should have a invalid option or should be ignored if a ROS distro other than kinetic has been chosen in the first question.

There was a fairly comprehensive version survey last year. Would be awesome to have an openly available mid-year snapshot of what usage looks like if questions match up enough with @clalancette’s .

Hi @pdutta, are the results available somewhere?



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The results for the ROS usage survey are in. Please find attached.ROS usage survey results May 2019.pdf (2.9 MB)

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