PostDoc position in project CoreSense (Horizon Europe) at Madrid (URJC)

As members of the CoreSense project consortium (Horizon Europe funded project no. 101070254), we offer a PostDoc researcher position on the Fuenlabrada campus, Madrid (Spain) of the Rey Juan Carlos University.

The CoreSense (A Hybrid Cognitive Architecture for Deep Understanding) project tries to provide a solution to this need in the form of

  1. a theory of understanding,
  2. a theory of awareness,
  3. reusable software assets to apply these theories in real robots,
  4. three demonstrations of its capability to
    a. increase the resilience of drone teams,
    b. increase the flexibility of manufacturing robots, and
    c. augment human alignment of social robots.

In summary, we will develop a cognitive architecture for autonomous robots based on a formal concept of understanding, supporting value-oriented situation understanding and self-awareness to improve robot flexibility, resilience, and explainability.

The functions of the position are to develop parts, tools of this architecture, and some of the robot’s capabilities (perception, navigation, …). Our main work packages are related to the ROSification of the architecture. Therefore knowledge of ROS 2 is required.

Required Skills:

  • Linux
  • ROS 2
  • C++, Python
  • Git

The candidates should be European citizens or have work/residence permission in the EU on the date of application.