Potential Cloud Robotics WG


I am interested in this WG as well. We are using Docker and Kubernetes in our robotics projects.

@mikelikesrobots I would recommend to keep using ROS Discourse for the WG discussions to avoid fragmenting the community. You could simply usa a wg-cloud-robotics tag or a separate category to group the topics. It would also make it much easier for interested parties to find the working group and join the discussion.

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Hey Everyone,
I am Muneeb, currently pursuing my Master’s in Computer Engineering. I am looking forward to becoming a part of this working Group.
I believe Sim2Real Gap can be mitigated by use of Cloud Platforms.
We can discuss more about that on this platform.

Would love to be a part of this as well!

I’ll toss my hat in too!

Sounds Interesting. I would also like to participate in this.

I kinda feel like this chat is dying out! We need to act on it soon


I would be interested in attending as well.

Hi folks! Apologies if things seemed a little quiet - I’ve been looking at how to proceed with the help of @chfritz . The plan is to make a Google Group for keeping meeting notes, plus setting the date/time for a first meeting, which will be 30m of introductions and 30m of presentation from a guest speaker (yet to be identified). Stay tuned for more news, and if you know anyone who would be willing/who would like to give a talk, please post here or let me know directly!


Hi, Could you please add me. I am interested to contribute!!

Hi I am willing to work too. I have experience with Humble.

This is good news ! Let us get started soon

Hello everyone,

My name is Prakruthi kp(Praks )from India, and I am an electronics engineer who won the NASA particle partition challenge in fourth place. I am currently working on the NASA Blue skies challenge in Herox, as well as the NASA tanks venting challenge. I have a strong interest in Areospace electronics and robotics, and I would like to work with this group. I recommend that you create a group in Google Chat and let’s dive into it

Hi; I am Mohammad Javad Zallaghi: Roboticist, ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Algorithm Engineer, and Robot Software Developer (Working on the project: ros2webots).

I would like to discover the potential boosts that I can inject into my work using cloud robotic tools! So I will follow the updates in this interesting topic.

HI - I am also putting my hand up to help organise.

We have a lot of experience in using docker and Kubernetes, as well as being able to move from working locally to working in the cloud and back again.
We also have lots of insights into the advantages and disadvantages of using local versus web versions of different ROS tools, especially gazebo.

We are already in contact with a couple of others in this channel and want to make sure the momentum that has been built doesn’t go to waste.

We are based in The Netherlands (CET)

Please count me in as well!

Hello everyone, my name is Elyar. Working on robotic grasping but also interested in cloud robotics. Please count on me as well.


Hello everyone,

I’m also interrested in joining the working group. My company is actively investigating different applications of cloud robotics tools, aiming to expedite the robotics development process.
I’m looking forward to further discussions on this topic and meet other people interested in this.

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Add me as well, please.

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Hi everyone!
I’m also interested on this topic.
Could you include me, please.

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Hi everyone!

Really appreciate the interest being shown in the group! I have just submitted a request for a regular meeting every two weeks in the ROS Community Events calendar. I’ll update this thread if/when that is accepted.

I have set up our first meeting with the following details:
When: 2024-02-26T17:00:00Z
Duration: 1 hour
Meeting Link: meet.google.com/xox-nshv-uvm (Google Meet)
15m of introductions;
15m of long-term WG strategy;
30m of a speaker presenting on Cloud Robotics.

We’re now looking for a guest speaker for the speaker slot - please let me know if you know of anyone that would be happy to fill this slot. Ideally, I’m looking for a speaker that can discuss the benefits and challenges of connecting robots to the cloud in a real-world use case.

We do also have a Google Group created for invitations - please sign up at https://groups.google.com/g/cloud-robotics-working-group-invites/.

Hopefully I’ll see you all there!

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