Potential Cloud Robotics WG

Hi Mike - I am happy to speak in the first group if you want

I am already preparing a presentation to give at the SURF Cloud Event on 7th March - so it would be good practice.
Asimovo - Smarter Robotics Education - Connecting Universities and Teaching ROS to Cloud Services and Supercomputing.
SURF provide cloud and supercomputing services to all the Dutch universities and research centres (approx 100 members) We are using Asimovo to help connect people who teach robotics (and learning robotics) to both cloud and supercomputing capabilities.
We can talk through all the lessons we have learned since building the platform and what we are hearing from the robotics education community . There are many advantages and disadvantages to using ROS in the cloud, so we also promote having a connection between working locally and working in the cloud - so that Robotics engineers are empowered rather than constrained.

I can also get our CTO to join, or do the talk, and go a bit deeper into the toolkit if needed.
Let me know what you think. Is this something the group would like to cover in the first meeting?

Possible ideas/issues Cloud WG should focus on:

(Can further be extended)

  • CD of all the ROS releases (Continuous Delivery)
  • A Unified Data streaming API (Persistent Data Storage API)
  • A possible integration with popular message queues and streaming services like Kafka
  • Potential integration with Observability and Visualization tools like Grafana
  • Enhancements for Web version of Gazebo
  • Service Mesh for ROS services, actions and pub-subs

Hi Mike, I’m Ronaldson Bellande, a PhD student/CEO/CTO working on my research organization and startup.

I have been doing research in this particular area for a long time and would be happy to speak at the meeting.

I can talk In the meeting of the challenges of using that kind of technology and the challenges I have faced doing my research.

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@Christine and @RonaldsonBellande, both sound great!

Christine, I think that would be a good first topic. Let’s proceed with that. Our agenda is now:

15m intros;
15m long-term strategy;
30m of Christine from Asimovo giving a talk on Connecting Universities and Teaching ROS to Cloud Services and Supercomputing.

I’ve created a speaker signup sheet - could you both add details in, please? It would be great to track potential speakers going forward, and we could add recording links so folks can find your talks in the future.

Also, @bbarash and @chfritz have both mentioned potential talks in this thread - please do sign up as well!

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As a working group, will we be having projects of our own ? if so, how do we get started

I am asking this in continuation with my previous post about ideas

I have added my details in the google sheet, if we are to continue this working group, I have research organization with it’s website, GitHub profile, discord, LinkedIn profile that everyone can join and continue collaboration in as well. You can check my details in the google sheet to find those research organization. Where we can talk about this topic repeatedly.

I donot see this meeting in the OSRF calendar. Am I looking at the wrong place ?

For the event in the calendar, take a look at the community calendar with date/time 2024-02-25 at 1700 UTC.

As for projects, the strategy is to focus on gathering/analyzing data to begin with. We can work together to build a picture of the current state of cloud robotics before looking at possible projects folks can work on. I’ll talk more about this in the meeting during the long-term strategy portion.

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