Power supply for charging Kobuki base (TurtleBot2)

My Kobuki charger broke and I am looking to replace it ASAP.

From the datasheet, I was only able to find the voltage/frequency/current specifications of the charger: Anatomy — kobuki 2.0 documentation

From what I can tell the end is a male barrel connector with positive polarity and measures 5mm in diameter. Can anyone recommend a charger I could use?

What I learned a hard way at one point is that there are various barrel connectors. And they are not necessarily compatible. If I were you I would go with a universal charger that meets the power supply specs and comes with multiple connectors. Something along the lines of this. Just make sure that it has the connector you are looking for, double check the specs and try to find out how to modify the voltage.

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Thanks! I agree - I also learnt the hard way after my connector broke.
The universal charger looks great and would also alleviate the need for multiple chargers. The Kobuki battery requires 19V DC at 3.16A to charge. I’ve been searching for the name of the barrel connector but I’m getting stuck so I’ll visit an electronics shop with my broken charger to confirm.